Princess Diana’s influence endures 20 years after her death

The shock came late on a summer evening: After an idyllic Mediterranean holiday, Princess Diana had been in a car crash in Paris. Her boyfriend

विस्तृत पढ्नुहोस
vegetarian diet
9 solid reasons for you to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle

There is huge debate on going vegetarian and its benefits against non-vegetarian. Putting aside the controversies and the differing views- here are 10 benefits that you can get by going

The Month of Shrawan: Mondays and Significance

The holy month of Shrawan, considered sacred among the Hindus, hold great religious significance to the devotees of Lord Shiva. It is believed that one can win the special grace

Bull fighting
Bull fighting: The Spectacle

The spectacle of bullfighting has existed in one form or another since ancient days. For example, a contest of some sort is depicted in a wall painting unearthed at Knossos

Why Yoga?

The word “yoga” means union. It unites body, mind and spirit and finally with the super-consciousness. When you choose a yogic lifestyle you completely become a different human being, one

Meet the new last word in English: Zyzzyva

Eating a tasty meal with chana dal or doenjang washed down with a gin daisy could well foster a nice feeling of hygge. Just hope you don't find any zyzzyva

charismatic leadership
Mind healing: the secrets to being charismatic

In our highly connected, fast-changing world, we’re all on the lookout for charismatic leadership. What qualities does someone need for us to consider them to be charismatic?

Salary vs Lifestyle
Salary Vs Lifestyle

When we get paid, it feels like a shot­gun goes off in most of our minds.  Our thoughts are flooded with the joy of receiving that income, but balanced by

Valentine's Day
How Valentine’s Day began?:The real story, facts and history behind Valentine’s Day

Feb 13: Many of us associate Valentine’s Day- ‘the most romantic day of the year’ with flowers and cards, but what’s the real reason we celebrate? HOW DID VALENTINE’S DAY