Are we struggling between Rights and Duties? Celebrating Constitution Day

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Reporters Club: Nepal celebrates as 4 years have passed since it ushered a Republic through its constitution. Two rounds of the Constituent Assembly and probably

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Ideologically Multipolar: Nepal’s fragile political system

People had immense faith after finally getting a constitution in a second attempt spending billions of rupees in the process. There was hope that the country had finally come out

Trilateral Corruption: Nepal in grave danger former DPM Kamal Thapa

KATHMANDU, Sept 18: The nation has not felt the substantial change even after 2 years of a 2/3rd majority government, said former Deputy Prime Minister, and Chairman of the National

Nepal offers Bishwakarma prayers

KATHMANDU, Sept 18: Nepal observed the yearly Hindu ritual of the Bishwakarma prayers today. It is offered to Lord Bishwakarma, also known as the creator and an avatar of Lord

Caught in the trap of the Monsoon Trough: Nepal experiences heavy rain and damage

Reporters Club: Due to the continuous rainfall, various parts of the country have been affected along with damage to property. One person was reported dead after a landslide in Kavrepalanchowk.

Science education backbone of human consciousness: PM Oli

KATHMANDU, Sept 18: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that no talent of the country should be neglected due to political, economic or other discriminations that exist in the

The Tweets of grace: PM Oli wishes PM Modi on his 69th Birthday

KATHMANDU, Sept 17: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has wished his counterpart Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his 69th Birthday. In a special series of tweets on his thread, PM

417 Megawatt Nalgadh Hydropower Project: Government acquiring thousands of acres of land

KATHMANDU, Sept 17: The government of Nepal (GoN) is in the process of acquiring over several thousand acres for its hydro-power project. The district administration office of Jajarkot had taken

Contemptible Silence: No -show of the Health Minister while Nepal suffers

KATHMANDU, Sept 17:  With over 3899 cases of Dengue fever and many more down with viral and other climate-related infections, Nepal is undergoing one of its worse health crisis of

Traditional ritual denied: Direct attack on Hinduism and its way of life

Reporters Club: World Hindu Youth Union’s International Committee along with the World Hindu Federation Committee for the valley has strenuously opposed the current group that disallowed sacred Hindu rituals known