German Chancellor Angela Merkel honored for her leadership

Netherlands, April 22: German Chancellor Angela Merkel was honored Thursday for her leadership in a series of crises that have hit Europe in recent years,

विस्तृत पढ्नुहोस
China-provided medical equipments come into operation from today

Chitwan, April 20: Around three months later, many different types of medical equipments provided by the Chinese government to the BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital in Bharatpur, Chitwan have come

Agreement to control criminal activities along Nepal-Indo border

Bhimdattanagar (Kanchanpur), March 25: Security officials of both Nepal and India have reached an agreement to coordinate to control criminal activities and wildlife poaching along the border. The agreement reads

Youth electrocuted inside NEA office while stealing power goods

Dhankuta, Jan 21: A youth has been electrocuted inside the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) office here. The youth of around 22 years age is believed to have intruded the office

100 migrants in Saudi Arabia left high and dry without jobs

Saudi Arabia, Oct 11: Around 100 migrant workers in Saudi Arabia have reportedly been left high and dry without jobs for the past one and a half months. Failure of

Indigenous-Ethnic and Regional Federation slams 16-point pact

Kathmandu, June 12: The Indigenous-Ethnic and Regional Federation has objected to the 16-point pact recently made by the major four parties. The federation general secretary Suresh Ale Magar, in a

Pakistani activist Sabeen Mehmud shot dead in Karachi

A leading Pakistani human rights activist has been killed in a drive-by shooting in Karachi after hosting a talk on allegations of torture in the province of Balochistan. Sabeen Mehmud

Is Dubai the best place for women in the Middle East?

The newest generation of women in the United Arab Emirates looks a lot like Farha Alshamsi: educated and career-minded. The 31-year-old has two degrees, holds a senior position in a

Rainstorm kills 32 in Bihar

An unseasonal storm with heavy rain and hail killed at least 32 people, injured more than a hundred and caused heavy damage to the winter wheat crop in eastern India,

What’s the Yemen conflict really about?

In recent months Houthi rebels from the north have swept through Yemen, capturing the capital, forcing the president into exile and laying siege to the southern port of Aden. Are